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WAC at the Minardi Day

Track day and Simulator experience.

The Minardi Day at Imola was the first ever event for the team at WAC.

The event hosted by Mr. Giancarlo Minardi gave the feeling of a friends reunion in a world of old and new style era petrolheads.

What makes the event special is being in Italy’s most challenging official race tracks. One can find any types of cars, old school racers and new generation cars.

The event was open to public on Saturday and Sunday 28-29th. Despite the rainy weather in the very beginning, the response from people was impressive due to the opportunity to drive professional simulators inside the paddock.

This is where we came to play.

In coordination with Iconic motorsport brand dallara, we configured our main sim set with electronic chassis movements with data of the superlight dallara Stradale, which also available on the track.

The chassis is made in Switzerland and as it as versatile as a Swiss Knife, which allows to sit people of different heights and size in less than a minute.

The rest is a well studied combination of the best mechanical and electronic components of the top level simulation brands.

The look is stunning, offering this skeleton style cockpit, with aggressive colour lines and refined shape.

People were able to enjoy a track experience at the imola race track, of course, and the feedback was remarkable: braking accuracy, chassis movement during corners and apex tackles.

For the hard core racers and as homage to the event host, the sim set was configured also as a 1991 Minardi F1 car, creating a sounding journey in the 90’s, which challenged even the most experienced drivers there.

What impressed people the most was the minimal level noise level produced by the sim set movement, to a level that it can be fitted inside a living room instead of basement and be noise unnoticed.

Only 99 of these will be produced, and some folks will be lucky to choose their favourite number and colour. The number ZERO is signed by Mr Minardi himself, ex F1 driver Mr Nannini and legend engineer Mr Aldo Costa, who saw the sim in action during the event.

Once the sun finally came out, the track quickly dried up and everyone was able to book their track experience with some of the most exciting cars, next to professional drivers, and enjoy the pure feeling and smell of petrol and tire rubber.

Last but not least, those looking to go buy a car, were able to attend the event auction and bid for some great official cars, such as 131 abarth Rally, BMW E46, Formulas and many more.

Congrats to the Minardi Family for this great event, who brought motor enthusiasts back to the track.

This post is dedicated to the Minardi Family, in honour of Nando Minardi, late brother of Mr. Giancarlo.

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