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SIM Racing Lounge Debut in Sardinia, Motorsport club for gamers and pro drivers

This is the WAC Arena, a spin off Organization of Automotive Service Company WAC We Are Cars, that makes an impactful entrance into the world of motorsport simulation with a futuristic and super-advanced reality physics, with the aim to young drivers development and pros in both Esport and real live racing.

Located in Centro Damasco, Via Capotesta, WAC Arena Olbia is part of a network of other sim racing centers like this one and it represents the first arena in Sardinia. Purposively, it has been created in cooperation with professional gamers to allow total drivers growth and ability skills development, required to emerge in Motorsport, and not only esport.

Why Sardinia? Most Sardinian drivers and promising drivers struggle to make the extra step in practicing and racing, due to the limited traveling availability to the Italian mainland events and, of course, limited traveling budget.

WAC Arena represents the perfect place for doing testing and training sessions with the most advanced driving simulation systems with augmented reality, which is the first step toward a strong racing eco-system that aims to spread its format across Italy and eventually Europe.

The WAC Arena Center is equipped with high end simulation stations, created with top brands like Fanatec, Acer Predator Gaming, Sabelt and Neroforte. This allows the Arena to offer growth opportunities for drivers, via individual self training sessions and professional personal coached sessions, with motorsport experts, in an authentic car lovers private club.

The purpose is bring together people with different driving expertise level and knowledge, in order to create a genuine and essential dialogue (even outside the driving sessions), aimed to share and compare driving sensations, impression and even ideas at the Arena designated Lounge.

The Arena offers a wide variety of training that go from Rallying, tracks, formula and so on by using the most advanced racing platforms available in the market, such as Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione (GT Endurance racing) and Dirt 2.0 (Rally). This whole system goes beyond gaming, being a complete motorsport training.

From a technical standpoint, the research and development behind the platforms physics, the engineering effort on components and racing chassis derive from real motorsport racing. As a result, Simracing has become the main training activity, which is adopted everyday even by F1 drivers. In essence, simracing represents the most cost effective and most efficient and realistic motorsport training.

From an experience standpoint, The WAC Arena offers drivers the chance to drive with VR Headsets, to provide a full immersive 360° simulation inside the car, which allows to receive incredible feedback from car jumps, car hard breaking, apexes, accelerations, gear shifting in any type of surface (tarmac, gravel, snow) and any weather conditions (dry, wet, ice, morning, night).

This ambitious project was envisioned by young vibrant automotive service startup WAC We Are Cars, which was established a few years ago, whose know-how and skillset are fully merged with motorsport dynamics.

In fact, WAC mission is to contribute and create a community of experts and professionals from different industries, that share the same passion of cars and motorsport, and it offers ad hoc solutions and services related to the mobility, to automotive events, car logistic services and automotive consultancy.

Furthermore, WAC has been the first company in Italy to strongly believe in E-races, by creating a Racing Team, named WAC AP Racing Team as an official ACI Sport Scuderia, which allows them to participate in official ESport Italian ACI championships.

WAC AP Racing Team is a Sport Org that is established as a Racing Team whereas The WAC Arena is the official training and racing venue for both the team members and for aspiring drivers and Simracers. SimRacing is now recognised as Sport and it will be one of the disciplines of the Tokyo 2026 Olympic Games.

“The idea behind The WAC Arena in Olbia – as stated by Luca Ruggero that with his team is the mind behind WAC We Are Cars, who is currently involved in several SimRacing projects – is to be an extension of WAC core activity, which allows us to transform digital excellence into a physical dimension, being the ultimate meeting point that want to become a community made of gamers and racers from the whole Sardinian island, not only Olbia.

Here, people will be able not only to experience the dream cars but also to train for races and main events or to train for a debut, for which Sim Racing can only prepare them for the real challenge.

During these first weeks following the main opening, the feedback among people was remarkable and immediate, which is the first step we wanted to share with all the car enthusiasts that visited The War Arena”.

Open from 17:00 to 00:00, reservation only, The WAC Arena can be reached via the official website,which shares system and format details and how to get in touch with this organization.

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