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360° automotive services

We cover any fields related to automotive, starting from high tech quality content production to boost your events activities, to b2b sales channel, research and scouting of limited edition cars for business and private people, to car special delivery service,  either rental or purchased cars. We also help automotive businesses develop their strategy with a dedicated team of marketers and sales specialists.


Looking to differentiate your offering?

Rely on our content team and create specialized photo albums and videos for your automotive listings. Stand out of the crowd.

WAC creates tailor made content packages for cars in relation to their audience and price segment. The offering varies from online content to offline, with particular emphasis to private albums for that car niche that requires privacy and customer selection, such as limited cars.

The objective is to support sales by providing fresh and original content, using high tech tools, to render your presentation always outstanding.

WAC - We are Cars
Content production
WAC - We are Cars


Delivering a car is a very delicate job, which requires major effort, accuracy and responsibility.

WAC focuses on the last mile service, offering a new type of delivery service, which is professional and completely exclusive.
This service offers triple value; WAC delivery not only allows to save major costs for logistics and on personnel but it is also a great customer experience. Find out why!

​The other added value of WAC delivery consists of generating photo and video content of cars during the delivery process, a great marketing tool.

Logistic & Delivery



WAC Car Finder is a privileged service for clients who look for cars that are not easily available on the market.

WAC car network has global reach. Clients are able to access an inner circle of cars.

Whether it is supercars, limited edition cars, luxury cars, hypercars, our team across the world not only fulfill the research of a specific model, but also mediates for the clients, from a commercial standpoint and from a logistical standpoint.

The added values in WAC finder are privacy and quality. Privacy throughout the car research and the car presentation is a delicate matter to protect both customer and supplier information. WAC ensures confidentiality throughout the whole process. 

WAC - We are Cars
WAC car finder
WAC - We are Cars



Looking to arrange a car event?

Our car events are unique. We are able to create special events for private clients and for automotive companies. Car Tours and car launch presentations are our favourite.

WAC creativity goes beyond imagination when it comes to automotive event management and event creation, that vary from private events to corporate events.

Our top kinds of events are car tours across the most breathtaking roads and locations of the world, which offer that combination of adrenaline, elegance and charm for people who love cars and travelling.

When it comes to corporate events, WAC specialises in Team Building, by creating recreational car related activity packages for companies that seek for the best outcome from their team, giving them challenges, giving them entertainment, offering them automotive experiences, either on track or simracing.

WAC Events



Looking for new and better ways to sell?

We have a dedicated team that study car trends to help you develop.

B2B sales online and offline.

WAC's main objective is to maximise sales and to optimise sales processes. The team develops channel strategies that are aimed to increase volumes and to optimise the internal processes.


Whether it is B2B or B2C, the team’s task is to identify the most emerging and effective channels that clients mostly visit, in order to create a new winning formula, which aligns with the vision of the car brand.

WAC - We are Cars
Sales channel