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Things women drivers do that men DO NOT understand - Chapter 1

In one of the previous we have opened up the discussion on what men do that women don't get. It's time we did one for the fellas too.

After carrying out a research about some habits or ways to drive that some men have that women don’t get at all, we decided to give a chance to the boys to tell us what women do behind the steering wheel that they simply don’t understand at all.

WAC team carried out the research asking a mixed group of men, friends, boyfriends/husbands and fathers. We begin with the first item.

Why would a woman put her purse on the passenger seat instead of leaving on the car floor!

This sounds more like a complaint than an observation from most of the men but it seemed quite common to see a pattern from their stories.

We saw two main reasons why women do locate their hand bags on the passenger seat because

A) handbags are sometimes expensive so you don’t want to place it where other people put their shoes on, which is also an hygienic reason.

B) women’s handbags are their access to the many more things women use (compared to men) and it would be dangerous trying to reach out to them if the bag is on the car floor. It is easier to reach things from the passenger seats.

So, we get it, we get it. Fellas. You don’t like to see stains on your car seats, especially if you own the cars, or most definitely you don’t want to get your trousers stained by any women product that jumped out from the bed.

However, there is one main reason why women should consider the car floor instead of the seat:

A) Safety: In facts, in case of an emergency breaking or a car distressing motion, any object could fall from the seat and could create an obstacle to the driver, which can cause accidents.

So, right there, one reason to reconsider how to place your handbags inside the car.

Instead of talking about the products to use, like disposable floor carpets or hygiene sprays etc..we think it would be not a bad idea for women, to place a large and hand bag, right behind the front seat and a small purse that carries just the most essential things while driving, max 2 things. This way it is easy to locate things inside the small purse and it case of breaking, all your stuff will be safely stable behind the sits, without being thrown all over the car.

B) Avoid unwanted situation like thefts. Ladies, think about the last time you stopped at the traffic light on a sunny summer day, your windows or roof are down and you bag is just there, next to you. How easy is that bag to grab? Put it on the floor and you have nothing to worry about.

We think there are better solutions out there, so tell us better solutions or other situations to share with the driving community!

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