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Things Men drivers do that women do NOT understand - Chapter 1

Before you say anything, we know this might break a pandora vase however, our team carried out a research asking a mixed group of women, friends, wives/girlfriends and moms what are the things they see men doing in and out the cars that they simply don’t understand.

  1. What’s with the 9 - 3 hands position on the steering wheel? Why do men hold the steering this way? It was not the way they teach you in driving school, so why do they do it and why does a man tell me to drive this way as well? This is a good one. Normally driving schools instruct us on keeping a 10 - 2 hand position on steering wheel. Thinking of the steering wheel as a clock, the 10 - 2 position is a very well balanced position for most of the driving situations on the road. The 9-3 position is commonly seen in racing drivers and in a way it is a more balanced and advanced position to drive, some say it is a safer way to. Some also say, it’s a show off position when men want to impress women. According to us, the use of 9-3 position allows us to locate our thumbs on the inner sides of the steering wheel, especially for sport driving. Our Thumbs work as sensors; they connect to the wheel, the road, giving us the best feedback and confidence of our driving. So you might hear your boyfriend or male best friend, husband saying this to you because you might be driving faster or maybe you are driving his beloved sport cars and he wants to make sure you get the most of the drive. If you think this is still bs, we totally get it. In facts, the 9-3 is very subjective. In Rally, for example, some drivers like Jari Matti Latvala, one of the fastest drivers on earth use a 10-2 positions, because they feel more confident with that position. So what we can suggest is to try the 9-3 position when you are driving on a beautiful country road on your own and see if it makes you feel more confident or not. Who knows, you might find out 9-3 is actually good for you. Also, when men see women driving with a 9-3 position, they think it’s kind of sexy!

Let us know what are the thing men do that you don’t get and also what are the things you do that men don’t get or dislike most!

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