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The DELTA Project by Amos

Updated: May 12, 2021

Missing the Lancia Delta?? did Amos Automobili!

Check out their futuristic Delta project, called The FUTURISTA.

What we know from social media and few articles is that this very ambitious and passion driven company from Northern Italy had enough of reading comments like “we want the Lancia Delta Back” or “Wish they never stopped making them” “There will be no cars like the Deltona” etc etc...So Mr. Amos got the team together and said: Folks get ready, we are going to make a one-off project and we will call it Delta Futurista.

The project consists of a remake of the Lancia Delta Integrale, respecting the root and spirit of the Lancia but also adding a bit of flavour and power to the car.

As a result, using Delta Chassis, they managed to create a very aggressive looking Delta, keeping features like dashboards and steering wheel original.

The engine is a 2L but it is rather more powerful than the previous one, a healthy 330hp compared to the original 200hp version. The car is lighter too, as per the carbon fibre used all over the car, which makes this car quicker on the road.

One Major difference, that was spotted on Social media by car journalism legend Mr. Jeremy Clarkson was the fact that the car has been created as a 3 door version, not 5.

This might look weird for some people but we actually find it very very cool and it seems to make the car more aggressive.

The project is very simple in their head. We are going to pitch this project and sell before we produce the cars. We will make a realistic and feasible number of cars, in order to ensure maximum accuracy for the clients. This number was and still is 20, There will be no majeur variation to productions and every client will pay the same price..that’s it!

Mr. Amos sold the project on papers to a selected clientele across the world in 2018 and now they are almost at the end of the production cycle, after 3 years (despite covid major inconveniences).

One of the coolest Futuriusta’s features noticed by WAC was the front light engagement button on the steering wheel. It reads LEVATI and for those who are interested in learning italian slang, it means “Get out of my way”, which is exactly what you would say to car in front of you, just before overtaking it!

Next year cars will be delivered to all clients and we wish the best of success to Automobili Amos - and thank you for bringing the DELTA back.

This is not a sponsored article but I am happy to share more about each of these points. DM or @car_tribu.

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