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Oh for the love of cars!

It’s 2021 and Few questions arise: why is the world so f…messed up?

Why should people not trust one another?

Why does China never share any information with the rest of the world??

But most of all – what is happening to the world of driving?

Sure, some questions may remain unanswered but If you are on your 30, you must be aware of the approaching end of petrol cars and you might be fearing the end of the smell of petrol already.

We have all accepted the departure of old wires and carburetors and welcomed electronic aided engines, electronic steering and in the end, electric engines – this last one, let’s admit it – we did not want it but we had it coming.

It is confirmed that petrol engine will disappear from public roads in many countries in the next decade – technology is even pushing so fast that cars will all drive themselves, which is scary to think about. And they tell you this will increase business profitability, will increase safety on the road and - oh yeah, will reduce the Co2 thing – we get it.

So does it mean car lovers and petrol heads are done? – gone? Well - Not necessarily!

Let’s step back to your last drive in your town – how many morons did you almost hit, how many almost hit you? bikers, cyclists, pedestrians? We get so frustrated everyday because we drive so well whereas the rest drive like complete muppets, plus all that goes on on public roads.

Also, most of your weekend drives, when you can enjoy your petrol classic, hot hatch or supercar even are going to disappear eventually.

So what now??

Ok, let’s think positive for the one sec – here are two solutions that would suit you – track days and driving experiences.

First Option: Track days

These mega industry changes are not (yet) affecting the world of cars, the fun one, I mean. There are so many resting tracks within maybe an hour (on Average in Europe) from your car shed for you to enjoy. You can drive your own car or rent other cars and blow steam off. If you think about it, you’d be using 100% of petrol on 100% of full send – after you saved money and polar bears in the city.

Second Option: Driving Experiences

Also, if you do not or will not own a fan fossil run car, there are so many driving experiences on track that go from safety, drifting, racing for you to explore. It is in fact never too late to learn new driving techniques, plus it will save money on fines and time trying to explain to the officer you did not see the 90 km/h sign (when you were at least doing 130).

And if you think, why bother, here is one more option for you to have a driving amazing experience without leaving your house!

Third Option – Race Simulator

That’s right! Race simulators could be the third opportunity for you. Sure, you can argue that simulators are not racing cars but they are not toys either. Simulators can vary in terms of technique, technology and equipment, combined with proper software that configures your racing seat into a car feeling experience (some more than others) to a point you start feeling like you are a racing driver. If you take sim racing seriously, it could actually become your next sports.

So there you have it. In an ever changing world, we have the chance to embrace new trends but you can always find ways to remember your car root and enjoy the old good driving, in the name of petrol.

This is not a sponsored article but I am happy to share more about each of these points. DM or @car_tribu.

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