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Monaco Yachts Show 2021 and a 1 million € car launch - Welcome to Montecarlo

Monaco Yachts Show is the place to be!

The WAC team took some time to visit beautiful Montecarlo for the annual event of MYS.

If you have passion for cars, you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

Beside admiring some of the most beautiful yachts in the most luxurious location in Europe, there is an automotive area for visitors and premium buyers.

Top one on the list is Brabus, who went wlld with G63 Models. Our eyes went to the G900 in a beautiful Grey colour and massive carbon wheels! Everything in this car has been redesigned, even the Tires are Giugiaro design.

Also, you could spot beautiful 1957 seagull Mercedes in pristine conditions and some more Mercs Vintage cars.

Right after it was impossible not to notice the work from Machine Revival, showing a hippie styled 911, powered by a very fast electric engine.

Talking about 911s, to finish off, the mighty 911 Stinger in its original relaunched colour - and fantastic petrol engine sound!

It was an important weekend for a new comers in the world of hypercars.

The Frangivento, (frangivento) a very charismatic company from Italy (with a strong back up from Abu Dhabi) launched their new Sorpasso GT3 on Friday 24th at the Bel-Air Fine Art Gallery, right at the Fairmont Hairpin Hotel, famous also for being one of F1 track corners.

The Frangivento Sorpasso offers so many elements, which, which remind a bit of the new Apollo mixed with a Honda NSX.

Engine is aspirated V10 Audi engine, used in both R8 and the Lamborghini Huracan, with an addition of two turbos, elevating the engine from 570bhp to 880bhp. Top Speed on paper is 345 km/h. Price tag 1 million plus EURO.

During the launch of this car, the reactions were mixed among the audience. As an extreme vehicle the purpose is clearly to surprise and The folks at Frangivento for sure delivered on that. We cannot wait to see the car on the road and on the racetrack!

By talking to some car experts within the audience, we learned that some units has been sold already to some great italian motorbike legends. We won’t say their name but you are welcome to guess in the comments 😬

To receive all the pictures from the Frangivento, write to us and we will get back to you.

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