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Best cars in the planet | Chapter 1 | BMW E46 CSL

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

How can we define the perfect car?

Is it speed, is it value for money, is it brand, what is it?

Certainly there are several and subjective methods to define the perfect car.

The other day at dinner, Team WAC launched the bomb question: what’s the perfect car today?

Few folks screamed, brands, some said car categories, like estates or station wagons, and the some folks shouted some specific car model.

After some endless arguments about what criteria to use, the team agreed to identify a list of the best cars available in the old and current market.

We will start with the number 1 car of the list, the BMW M3 E46 CSL using the brand new

WAC Scorecards:

Aesthetics - Power - Drivability - Value for Money - Initial price Vs Current Market Value


Aesthetic: 10

Everything about looks like an evolution of all the efforts from BMW.

The details inside are so aggressive and yet practical. Carbon fibre is the first element you can spot in this car and all the details in each side, which are timeless.

Car Body is beefed but modelled at the same time, the wheels are beautiful and any colour suits brilliantly.

After 20 years from its launch, it’s a car many people would like to own and drive everyday.

Power 8

Although there are so many customised and supercharged models, the stock engine is a very satisfying 3 liter V6 343 BHP. Combine this with the manual transmission, this car generates a distinctive ranting noise that is music to the ears.

Drivability 9

The car is very compact. The Rear wheel drive system is very well balanced is the X factor, which offers a great challenge to the drivers. Driving this car more and more on roads and on tracks provides that unique feeling of power and dominance over the road, over everything.

Value for money 9

The M3 e46 CSL had all elements in 2003 that most of supercars are missing now. Sat Nav, Leather sporty seats with heating, ventilation and multi electric adjustments, including seating memory.

Multifunction steering wheel, power steering and all of this with a very very fine quality.

Initial Price VS Current Market Value 9

Well, this is a tricky one. The car would cost back then 80 Thousand euro.

Because of its quality and charm, this car can now be found for 100K. In the States, we found out that a CSL was sold for a hefty amount of 250K Dollars! So, if you have a CSL at home and it is well maintained, know that people are able to pay big money for it!

Share if you agree or share if you disagree with your comments. We want to hear your opinion. More cars to come in the next posts.

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