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LUGANO Autonassa 2021 - Amazing Cars & more Simulators

Following the Minardi Day at Imola in late August, It was time to gather all motorist gentlemen in the lake city of Lugano, Switzerland, considered by us a small Milan, for its business vibe.

Lugano is also known for its large proportion of car enthusiasts and collectors.

The Nassa Day is an event where all official brands dealers exhibit the latest car models across the Street, by the lake.

Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, McLaren show up with their amazing SF90, MC 20, Vantage, Senna and the 765LT.

By walking through the Nassa Street, you could reach Piazza and spot the breathtaking dallara Stradale Aperta and Coperta and talk to the guys from Master Class Motors, the official dealer and their client entourage, mostly Supercar owners who lately have switched for a more balanced option, that requires no adjustment from the road to the racetrack.

To continue with the good vibe between dallara and the and NeroForte, the chassis number ZERO, newly signed by Minardi Team Principal Giancarlo Minardi, Ex F1 driver Mr. Alessandro Nannini and Engineer Aldo Costa during the Minardi day at Imola.

This time the Swisse Dynamic Simulator was placed in the classy Sass Café Restaurant, showing how its elegant design can blend in a prime room.

Not only people were able to test most of the cars showcasing in Nassa Street, some were able to try out GT cars in any racetrack of their preference.

All in all a great event on a sunny September weekend in Lugano. Here is a lost of the most impressive cars spotted:

1) DeLorean - the iconic car, famous for the movie Back to the Future.

2) Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio (kwadrfollio) Gtam - Lighter and faster than the original Giulia. A supercar in terms of performance and price!

3) Maserati MC 20 - We were really waiting for this one on the street!

4) dallara stradale aperta - a masterpiece from the iconic Italian brand. If you talk about car, power and balance, this pops up.

(request the full picture via email) - Visit MasterClassMotors

5) Audi quattro group B

A car that needs no introduction - Rally champion Car driven by Mr. Roehrl.

Where you at the event? what was your favourite car?

Follow us more stories and let us know what events we should attend next!

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